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Rev. Tom Willetts

Please call 239-543-2686 for more info or reservations to attend.

CHOIR REHEARSAL DATE CHANGE: We are postponing Choir Rehearsals for another 2 weeks due to the rise in Covid numbers. Hopefully we will begin on Aug 26th. 


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A new way to give to your church - MYWELL

We're excited to let you know that Good Shepherd UMC has moved to a new online giving platform called MY Well. By offering this platform, we are able to save money in processing and transaction fees. Now more of your tithe money will stay at Good Shepherd to be used to reach people for Jesus. Awesome, right?
How to:
.Download the My Well Giving App.
.Sign into the My Well Giving app to create your account.
.Add the payment account you want to use. (We suggest a bank account to help your gift reach further.)
.Enter the amount you want to schedule, and click continue.
.Confirm all the details look right.
.Celebrate! Your scheduled giving will begin on the date you choose.


Traditional Worship Times

reservations requested & masks for unvaccinated people

Because we are recording Saturday at 4:45pm WORSHIP for our online worship content it will not be posted and available until SUNDAY MORNING on Facebook and YOUTUBE.

Reservations requested - 
Sunday services (due to seating)  social distancing, masks for those not vaccinated, no singing or bulletins.

Worship at Good Shepherd UMC is always centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We hold a traditional, evangelical Wesleyan theological perspective which means that God’s grace and forgiveness is for all people and we are going to show our love to God and our neighbor in many ways. We encourage participation and involvement of everyone in our worship services. We begin each service with a few hymns to help us focus on worshipping God. Everyone is welcomed and then we prepare our hearts for worship in prayer and silence. Throughout the rest of the worship time we experience the presence of the living God in prayer, praise, songs, special music, the reading of scriptures, the celebration of the sacraments of baptism or communion and the sermon.

Coronavirus Update

There are very few sources of firsthand data on the Covid 19 situation in our area as all the state Health Department websites have been closed. They were closed because three weeks ago there were very few cases and we were told we could unmask. That situation no longer exists. The Lee Health Facebook page is the best source I can find with information in our area. These two updates were posted on Monday, August 2, 2021. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the current capacity and the highly contagious nature of the COVID-19 delta variant, Lee Health is restricting visitation in our emergency departments until further notice. Visitors will only be granted access in the ED for compassionate care or if they are needed to gather information related to providing care (and thus allowed in the ED at the discretion of our staff). Patients in the obstetrics ED at HealthPark Medical Center will be allowed to have one visitor. This change to ED visitation is in place at Cape Coral Hospital, Gulf Coast Medical Center, HealthPark Medical Center and Lee Memorial Hospital. At Golisano Children's Hospital, visitation in the ED will be limited to two support people (parent/guardian/support person). COVID-19 UPDATE: AUGUST 2, 2021 As of today, Lee Health has: - 298 COVID-19 patients isolated in our hospitals (inpatient). - Since Friday, we had 117 new COVID-19 hospital admissions and 57 COVID-19 discharges. - Currently, 70% of our ventilators and 11% of our ICU rooms are available for use. We have 22 COVID-19 patients on ventilators and 45 in the intensive care unit. - Current census is at 88% of staffed operational bed capacity. In three weeks the number of patients isolated in hospital has risen from 30 to nearly 300. That is a higher rate of infection increase than any previous infection wave. 99% are unvaccinated. We are heading into a completely avoidable situation of illness and death. This may be the most difficult wave to manage because of the mixed vaccinated and unvaccinated populations and the lack of information and misinformation being produced. The VACCINES ARE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. Masks prevent spread and resist infections. Washing hands stops spread. ALL PERSONS should mask when attending WORSHIP or other LARGE GATHERING at the church. Masking always when with others at church is suggested. Some persons cannot receive the vaccine or have a compromised immune system and therefore we must protect them. Please stay safe and do all you can to protect others from Covid 19 infection. Love yourself and each other. Pastor Tom 

In Person Sunday Worship- reservations appreciated - Sundays at 10am in the Sanctuary.

In Person Saturday Worship - reservations appreciated - Saturdays at  4:45pm in the Chapel of the Ministry Building.

BOTH services are held inside.  We have limited seating.

ONLINE WORSHIP - Because we are recording SAT 4:45pm Worship for our online worship content it will not be posted and available until SUNDAY MORNING on FaceBook and YouTube. Please be aware and adjust your viewing times.

Don’t worry about what to wear. We are in Florida not back home. On Saturday evening everyone is respectfully casual in shorts and shirts or blouses and skirts. On Sunday a few will be in suits, if it is cold outside, but everyone else is comfortably dressed. Come as you are and you are guaranteed a warm welcome. You will only be a visitor once – after that you are part of the family.

PLEASE NOTICE that our worship service times do change throughout the year to accommodate the increases in attendance because of the arrival of the seasonal residents to our community.

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